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PODCAST – Des Bishop and Deirdre O’Kane discuss Abortion

Stand up comic Des Bishop, talks to Comics, Politicians, Artists and whoever he finds interesting about life on both sides of the Atlantic on his podcasts.

For the latest episode Des sits down with comedian Deirdre O’Kane. You can click onto the Podcast below.

They start of by discussing when they first met, her being back on the road doing stand up and her love of acting. Deirdre states there’s an ‘Oprah Meets Ellen’ in her and she would love to get into talk shows. A total coincidence but Deirdre did host a talk show She’s Having A Laugh as part of RTE Radio 1’s Comedy Showhouse and if you missed it on Sat Sept 10th you can listen to the full show on grintage’s podcast section now.


She has her sights on a show where she has no fear discussing important topics but making people laugh too.

As we get deeper into the podcast the conversation gets deeper too. The pair discuss abortion and the 8th Amendment. Deirdre states that she would like to discuss the 8th amendment and sexism but she doesn’t want to make jokes about it. When Des asks her how she feels about abortion in Ireland she launches into a passionate speech!

“I think the fact that abortion isn’t legal in Ireland is a joke. I think it’s ridiculous. Can we grow up now please? This is 2016. Can we just deal with our issues? Stop putting people on boats to England. It has just got to stop. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with is or not. It’s actually irrelevant. It’s just insane. It’s so immature. I can’t even believe it’s a thing. I can’t believe we are discussing it’

She compare the situation to when Divorce was illegal in Ireland until 1996. Only 10 years ago!

“It’s a bit like, I remember meeting a French person and telling them we are having the divorce referendum and he was laughing at me going like “wow really? We’ve had divorce in France since 1884″ he couldn’t believe that we didn’t have divorce and I can’t believe that we don’t have abortion”

She finishes by getting straight to the point. 

‘The point is it happens. People get themselves into a situation for whatever reason and they are entitled to get themselves out of the situation. They should not have to get on boat or a plane to England and sort it out there. What did we fight for? What did we want a republic for? Are you not going to look after your own people? Are you not going to be entitled to have some counselling when you go through this trauma”

Des agrees with her and talks through the Sydney Rose debate and how he admires her. His mother is very Catholic but is pro-choice. He says “for some reason in Ireland there are a lot less Catholics like my Mom and a lot more people that thinks it’s murder. I don’t think abortion is murder and at the same time why are people who think it’s murder able to have so much sway in Ireland”

Deirdre preaches “Don’t impose your beliefs on other people.” 

We should take comedians seriously more often!

Have a listen to the Podcast here.

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