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5 Irish Podcasts To Listen on Your Xmas Travels …

“Podcasts are radio you download. Downloading is when there’s something online that you want for yourself, like when you steal a menu from a restaurant…”

This is a good explanation of what podcasts are to any curious person – young or old – who maybe had seen them mentioned in a newspaper article (oh still very analogue). For some audio fans, podcasts have replaced radio. Why roll the dice on the quality of what you’re going to hear on different channels when you can download reliable programmes?

And boy, have podcasts taken off. The first one to break through to mainstream success was The Ricky Gervais Show (originally broadcast on XFM radio) and the most recent was the factual crime whodunnit Serial in the US – wherein a reporter returned to the scene of a murder and forensically investigated the guilt of the accused over weeks attracting world wide attention and a global audience as a result. As phenomenal as those shows were (ratings wise) there have been huge successes closer to home.

We thought we’d introduce you to 5 .. ones to watch .., or preferably listen to as you navigate buses, trains and planes over the holidays. First up .. and in no particular order ..

Chris & Ciara

When the two radio and comedy presenters (The Year That’s In It 2014) started catching listeners on iRadio in Galway, there was no doubt they would be making their way to bigger audiences. Chris Greene (of FinalBoss Media) and Ciara King (The Seven O’Clock Show) are perfectly matched in sarcasm and chemistry and the huge reaction from audiences proves their worth and worth your time…in fact their podcast (of the radio show) was chosen by iTunes for their Best of 2014 List. If you’re new to podcasting and want to start with something that sits easily between traditional radio and new media, this is the one to check out.

Jarlath Regan – An Irishman Abroad

He’s well known in Ireland, having had a TV3 show, appeared on The Panel and done countless tours of the country, however it’s overseas that Jarlath is making his mark. Jarlath moved to the UK and subsequently started the An Irishman Abroad podcast, interviewing such ex-pats as Chris O’Dowd, Tom Vaughan Lawlor and Dylan Moran about leaving Ireland and if meeting up with the diaspora helps at all. They’re rivetting one on one conversations, often with comedians, so check it out if you’re looking for a deeper appreciation on what it’s like to leave the country for foreign shores.

Colin Geddis – The General Banter Podcast

Northern Ireland based Colin Geddis has succesfully built on audience online with different projects (webseries I Am Fighter, Besty McD) and has added podcasts to the wealth of material he’s put online. The General Banter Podcast is a mix of rants and observations, with the occassional live show. Geddis can now be seen on the BBC show Late Licence alongside Shane Todd and other comics.

Joe Rooney – Pod-A-Rooney

Joe Rooney (Father Ted, Killinaskully) has been touring the world performing improv and stand-up comedy and during that time has met a lot of people, many of whom sit down with him for a one-on-one chat. With musicians, comedians and even footballers (including goalscorer Stephanie Roche) this podcast would be a great addition to your podcast lineup.

David Reilly & Jon Hozier-Byrne

Comedians and film-makers David Reilly & Jon Hozier-Byrne host this chatshow about film, often having other comedy guests on. Having previously been involved with Hozier’s music videos (and had him on the show) they now have thousands of listeners and if you’re looking for a podcast that isn’t comedy specific (but still filled with comedy) check out this show.

After all, that’s the beauty of podcasts, they’re free so if you don’t like one, move on to the next. Go explore – go lend them your ears!

Don’t forget that the grintageireland/comedyshowhouse radio festival starts runs at The Project Arts Centre from January 31st to February in February, tickets available at the Project Arts Centre box office



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