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Running Gags – Free Audio Comedy On The Move

Since grintage started we’ve wanted to introduce a brand new idea to all joggers, cyclists, runners, walkers and basically all comedy fans on the move. With summer on the way our comic timing is spot on. 

Now open your ears to RUNNING GAGS as you take to the fresh air, the bus, bike, car or plane. Why listen to music in your earphones when you have access to comedy?  There is no end to where you can listen to great Irish comedy – and we have more artists and shows to add over the coming weeks.

And if you have a favorite comedy podcast let us know or want us to share the audio track, of say a live DVD, we will add to RG. It is free and a chance to share great comedy with the world.

But first hear – in the accompanying episodes under this banner header – the various award winning acts from stand up series The Liffey Laugh originally produced for RTE Two.

In all there are 14 episodes and a fantastic line up for established and rising stars form Ireland and Britain including Irish debuts from Alan Carr and John Bishop.


Look elsewhere on grintageireland.com and listen to all the acts free of charge



Ep1 Kevin Gildea, Michael Mee, Kathleen O’Rourke, David O’Doherty & Jason Byrne – Listen Here

Ep2 Brendan Burke, Anne Gildea, Karl Spain, John Henderson & David McSavage – Listen Here

Ep3 Gerry Mallon, Sue Collins, Neil Delamare & Paddy Courtney – Listen Here

Ep4 Anne Gildea, John Lynn, Dermot Carmody, David O’Doherty & PJ Gallagher – Listen Here

Ep5 Colin Murphy, John Henderson, Eddie Naessens, Michael Mee & Tara Flynn – Listen Here

Ep6 Joe Rooney, Dermot Carmody, Kevin Gildea & Kathleen O’Rourke – Listen Here

Ep7 Andrew Maxwell, John Lynn, Sue Collins, Paddy Courtney & Karl Spain – Listen Here

Ep8 Owen O’Neill, Neil Delamare, Eddie Naessens, Tara Flynn & Brendan Burke – Listen Here



Ep1 – Karl Spain, John Bishop, Neil Hickey & Maeve Higgins – Listen Here

Ep2 – Carol Tobin, Colum McDonnell, John Moloney & Keith Farnan – Listen Here

Ep3 – Alan Carr, Andrew Stanley, Deirdre O’Kane & Eddie Bannon – Listen Here

Ep4 – Adam Hills, Dermot Whelan, Ian Coppinger & Sinead Culbert – Listen Here

Ep5 – Brendan Burns, Eleanor Tiernan & Jason Byrne – Listen Here

Ep6 – Bernard O’Shea, Maeve Higgins & Rhod Gilbert – Listen Here

A  Sideline Production




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