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YouTube Red: NEW Animation – The Paranormal Action Squad!

YouTube Red has just announced a new animated series called The Paranormal Action Squad!

The story is by Michael Rowe of Family Guy & Futurama! fame and is simple enough for mad crazy comedy scribes. A team of bumbling paranormal enthusiasts provide supernatural extraction services at rock bottom prices.

The new 8 part series is set to debut November 26th and expect a comedy animation filled with bizarre yet racy adventures of three main protagonists! Paul the short guy, Eddie the bearded blonde and an owl headed neighbour who wants in on their duo action.

The characters are voiced by ‘Sea Nanners’, ‘Mr Sark’ and ‘Vanoss’ YouTube’s top three gaming creators with over 25 million subscribers combined!! Its a vert

Paranormal Action Squad is aimed YouTube’s subscription-based Red users spending more $!

A monthly payment of €9.99 will get you access to the new series with ad-free perks. You can also look forward to YouTube Red’s other upcoming series with The Rock, expected to release in 2017!

Credit – VanossGaming



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