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Waterford Susarra Noticias En Venta?

… ok .. that’s probably a poor Spanish translation for ‘Waterford Whisper News For Sale’ but the Irish satirical website is  certainly heading in the right direction!

There is a surge in the appetite for online satire as STREAM DAILY reports today that the digital arm of Hispanic and Latino-focused media company Univision Communications has made a strategic investment in Onion Inc., owner of online satire brand The Onion.

It helps though when your potential audience is in the 100s of millions.

The reach of The Onion and its sister publications — particularly among millennials — boasts a monthly audience of more than 25 million unique visitors. On top of its flagship comedic news source The Onion, Onion Inc.’s brands include pop culture site The A.V. Club, clickbait parody site ClickHole, satirical celebrity gossip site StarWipeand its digital video network Onion Studios.

Together, The OnionThe A.V. Cluband ClickHole‘s YouTube channels boast just under one million subscribers.

The satirical news site’s material has always fared well among socially conscious millennials, with biting headlines such as

(Marco) Rubio refutes claim he soft on immigration by dragging undocumented worker he knocked out cold onto stage,”

“‘This will be the end of Trump’s campaign,’ says increasingly nervous man for seventh time this year” and

“Nation celebrates full week without deadly mass shooting” (“Update: Never Mind.”)

Seems all over the world the demographic is hungry for content and as TV viewing drops advertisers are looking for new ways to get to the consumer. Countries in the Latin American region are home to an estimated 119 million digital video viewers(over the age of 15 years), each one spending, on average, about 13 hours a week streaming content — more than twice the hours spent watching traditional television.

Isaac Lee, chief news and digital officer at Univision, said in a statement that the role comedy plays in engaging young audience is vital to the organization.

“Comedy is playing an expanding role in our culture as a vehicle for audiences to explore, debate and understand the important ideas of our time.”

That is comedy to our ears!

The news report went to state that comedy and satire have become ‘increasingly popular sources for political news among young people searching for alternatives to traditional news sources’.

So great news for the good people in WWN 

Hasta luego amigos! Nos gustó mucho el libro de la Navidad.



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