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Writing an Irish Radio Sitcom?

We are looking for comedy writers!

Have you seen this? 

The chosen writers each receive €250 and the best scripts (4 max) will be recorded live with professional actors.


If you are serious about writing a sitcom for Irish radio it is a good exercise to get to know the medium first and understand both its weakness and strengths to transfer comedy to the audience at home, in the car, on headphones or at work. See the BBC comedy writers room or the BBC Academy – they have both a wealth of tips and articles including …

BBC Academy’s tips for comedy writers

The Grintage Toolbox has a whole archive of articles of sitcom tips and comedy writing tricks.

If you have developed and written a script for a TV sitcom have a hard think if you can really transfer the premise and the characters to audio only? There are ‘tricks of the trade’ out there to help and just as radio sitcoms have been successfully re-developed for TV – if the world of comedy and the characters are easily recognisable, with short scenes, believable situation and sharp dialogue, then it may work. Remember that adding in one or two audio FX and you’re in a supermarket, airport or a forest. Much cheaper than TV!

Think also of musical stings to get you from scene to scene and most of all focus on ‘funny people talking, not people talking funny’. You can write a really funny script without an obvious joke. Let the comedy flow through the characters and the situations they get themselves into. Keep the pace moving with short scenes and keep the plot simple and dramatic. We don’t want to hear long conversations – every scene reveals something important about the character, moves the action along and maybe even makes you laugh!

Is the main character trapped in a ‘situation’ they aspire to get out of? What’s at stake? Break your script into ‘acts’ leading to a big ‘reveal’ that may also have a ‘twist’.

Do read and assess your idea, cast and premise against well-worn advice and writing tips out there. It will help in the long run.

The best written, dramatic and funniest scripts will win out!

To apply click here.



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