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Will Al Porter Be Returning To Radio?

2FM boss has hinted that Al Porter may make a return to RTE radio. 

Last November, comedian Al Porter decided to personally decided to taketime away from the spotlight’ after sex pest claims were made against him. This involved him stepping away from his position as presenter of the daily lunch time show on Today FM.

Since he resigned the lunchtime show has lost over 20,000 listeners.

Al Porter Takes Time Out


When asked if Porter could ever return to RTE, 2fm boss Dan Healy told the Irish Sun: “Al is a very talented guy, and we haven’t seen how the next few months will settle with Al.

The reality is he is a guy who oozes talent.”

The 2fm boss hinted his return could be to RTE Radio One or RTE TV, rather than his own station.

Dan said: “I don’t think he plays for 2fm. That doesn’t mean that RTE won’t engage him in the future if all the matters are resolved.

“Until he is through all that, we won’t comment on that one way or another.”




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