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Why we love Bill Murray

There are so many stories about the legendary comedy actor Bill Murray that sometimes it’s hard to believe which ones are true.

A regular visitor to Ireland Bill was one of nine kids born to an Irish American catholic family – his mother was Collins and to keep it Irish his 1st wife was Margaret Kelly. In 1996  Bill performed Comedy Improv at the 2nd Cat Laughs comedy festival in Kilkenny before he – and impressed Hollywood film studios – developed his talents as THE Bill Murray of the silver screen. With his fame and quirky lifestyle the Illionois born performer is never out of online gossipy news. There is even a website dedicated to the weird and wonderful things Bill Murray does: www.billmurraystory.com.

Some of the stories include ‘Bill Murray dissed me and broke my Granddads water ski’ and ‘Bill Murray saved my life’. But here are some of our favourite Bill Murray moments that have been proved to be true. And we have the photos and videos to prove it.

1 – The time he crashed this couples engagement photo shoot

“I thought who the heck is bothering them? I turn around and it’s Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh.”  stated the photographer,Raheel Gauba. He then invited Bill to join the couple for a few photos which he evidently obliged


2 – When this bar got too busy he decided to give them a helping hand

While drinking at a bar in Shangri’la in Austin the man himself hops behind the bar and serves people Tequila no matter what they ordered.

3 – He stars as Garfield by accident.

When he saw Joel Coen he automatically said yes thinking he was agreeing to the creator of Fargo and No Country For Old Men. When really he said yes to Joel CoHen, director of Daddy Day Care and Evan Almighty.

According to Esquire magazine, Murray says: “I looked at the script, and it said, ‘So-and-so and Joel Coen.’ And I thought: Christ, well, I love those Coens! They’re funny. So I sorta read a few pages of it and thought, Yeah, I’d like to do that.”


4- He crashes a bachelor party!

A friend of the groom says: “At one point during dinner at a steakhouse, one guy goes to the bathroom downstairs and sees Bill Murray sitting with some people with a fishing vest on. We talked to the waiter to see if we could send him some drinks, to which Bill declined. One of my buddies then went down and asked if he’d come up and say a few words for EJ and got a ‘No thanks.’ My buddy comes back up dejected and tells us it’s not going to happen. Two minutes later, Bill f*cking Murray walks into the room and gives this speech.”

Listen to his words of wisdom!

5- He admits to watching his own movies

Most actors say they have never watched their own movies and they can’t stand to look back on them. Here he tells Ellen he does!

6- He loves to sing.

A group of girls were in a  bar called Karaoke One 7 in New York City. They notice Bill Murray and chanced their arm inviting him to join them in their karaoke room..as you do! 15 minutes later, he knocks on their door. Bill sings some Elvis and buys the group Chartreuse!

bill murray karoke   billmurrayphotou3

While we don’t have footage of this event, we do have him ‘singing’ Bare Necessities.

7 – Offers alternatives to autographs

Apparently celebrities get bored of signing autographs. Who knew? So Bill offers an alternative by walking down a hallway in slow motion. We’d take it!

8 – He reads poetry to construction workers

Bill Murray stops by Poets House to read poems to the construction workers who are working on the building.

9 – He accidentally broke a guys nose with a Coke bottle

At a celebrity gold tournament in Utah Murray threw a coke  bottle into the crowd as a joke just before teeing off. The bottle hit a bystander in the face breaking his nose. Watch his apology here.

10 – This heckler moment

We’ll leave you with this –





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