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We Finally Know When Derry Girls Will Hit Our Screens

Derry Girls went worldwide when it became available on Netflix last November but it first premiered on our screens on Channel 4 January 4th, 2018. So for those who have been watching it since then have had a very long wait for the second season.

Well, the wait is nearly over. We knew they wrapped filming Season 2 when Lisa McGee this out in November:

We can expect the original cast including the return five teens attending a Catholic school in ’90s Northern Ireland. Nadine Coyle is also set to appear in the show this season.

Speaking on The Nolan Show, the creator of Derry Girls Lisa McGee said that while an official start date has yet to be announced, it will air in March.

“They’re talking about March, early March. See, that’s all Channel 4. That’s when I think it will be released and we’re talking about doing a third series. Hopefully, if the second one goes well and everything goes according to plan, we’ll do a third series.”

They are hoping to do a third season too and we really hope they do!

A mural of the Derry Girls Cast has been painted in Derry City Centre.

Meanwhile, Tommy Tiernan who plays Da Gerry in the show told Ian Dempsey on Today FM: “We finished filming the second series last Friday.

“That will go out in March and we’re doing Season 3 and film, maybe. That’s all up to Lisa (McGee) the writer, going off to a shed in London and coming up with all these stories. She’s a genius, the amount of stories she’s able to fit into each episode. It’s fantastic.”

What can we expect from the new season?

McGee told Radio Times that Season 2 will show more of the political landscape of ’90s Northern Ireland. “I’m toying with maybe doing the ceasefire and how everyone reacts to that because I remember it actually unsettled people,” she said. “I remember people didn’t know what to do.”

McGee also told Good Morning Ulster, “It’s moving through the early stages of the Peace Process and how that impacts their lives, so it’s a bit more maybe hopeful, this series, it’s a bit more coming out of the bad times.”

With just 6 episodes out, for now, the show has won a huge number of awards. This week alone Derry Girls won the awards for Best Comedy at the Broadcasts awards and Best New TV Sitcom at the comedy.co.uk awards.



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