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repeal the 8th

Watch: Repeal the 8th, Because St Brigid’s Cross…

Saint Brigid is an independent short comedy film with a pro-Repeal message, released publicly online ahead of the referendum of May 25th.

Saint Brigid is an independent short comedy film featuring the talents of highly-acclaimed Irish performers, including Tara Flynn, Sophie Merry, Mark O’Halloran, Tony Cantwell and Alison Spittle. Written and directed by filmmaker David Keeling, the short carries a pro-Repeal message.

The film is a tongue-in-cheek take on the stories surrounding Brigid of Kildare, including her powers of eye-bursting, beer-making, beer-making, deceptively-large-cloak, and – most importantly – providing help for vulnerable women with crisis pregnancies.

All work on Saint Brigid was completely voluntary, and the film was made with no external funding. Cast and crew gave up their free time and lent their skills to support this project, and the cause for which it was made.

“As we move into the final weeks before the referendum, I thought people would appreciate a bit of light-hearted entertainment,” said writer/director David Keeling, “People have been working tirelessly to keep this campaign going, and I wanted to create something that might act as a bit of a morale boost for them.”

“I also hope this film might help start conversations among people who haven’t yet engaged with the issue of the referendum. Maybe it’s a bit easier an ice-breaker for people to get talking – comedy has a great ability to break down barriers.”

#RepealThe8th #BrigidsCross


Written & Directed by David Keeling
Produced by David Keeling & Conor O’Donovan


Brigid – Sophie Merry
Narrator – Tara Flynn
St Patrick – John McNally
Baby – Zenia Keeling
Blacksmith – Eddie Murphy
Captain – Stephen Kearney
First Mate – Ian Birmingham
Poultry Farmer – Alison Spittle
Traveller – Eileen Flynn
Midwife – Camille Ross
Young Boy – Jack Franco Waddell
Father – Jacques Franco
Mother – Kate Waddell
Fugitive #1 – David Fennelly
Fugitive #2 – John Doran
Florida Man – Zeff Lawless
King of Leinster – Tony Cantwell
Bacene – Mark O’Halloran
Young Woman – Georgia Bealtaine




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