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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey returning to Comedy?

Has the last few years gotten too serious for Matthew McConaughey? 

We have seen some brilliant performances from the award winning actor in recent years. The roles this man played would take a serious toll on anyone. He played a cowboy diagnosed with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club and of course he saved mankind in Interstellar. More recently in Free State of Jones he plays American Civil War fighter in the current American war film inspired by the life of Newton Knight and his armed rebellion against the Confederacy in Jones County. Opposed to slavery, Knight would rather help the wounded than fight the Union….


Matthew originally didn’t want to take the role because he wasn’t “turned on by” that time in American history. However, when he looked more into it he couldn’t turn down playing his part in portraying the racial inequality that happened. 

Obviously Free State of Jones isn’t a Saturday character. It’s a Monday morning, go to work character,” he told the Press Association.”But I’m open to that in the future. I’m looking for some comedy right now.”

Maybe another reason is Free State of Jones hasn’t doesn’t that well at the box office and one online review says – “it certainly is an accomplished piece of cinema but it simply hasn’t got that spark required to transcend this mediocre production into anything truly special”.


After playing such a range of ‘heavy’ roles McConaughey is putting it out there that he is looking forward to playing some light hearted roles he calls “Saturday characters’. Will Matthew be able to make people cry with laughter instead? Why not? …

When he started out the actor featured in some classic rom-coms such as How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner and Failure to Launch. And also was very happy to turn up on Saturday Night Live …. 






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