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WATCH: 11 New Shows for Smoshtober

Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla are a comedy duo who have created a web-based sketch show called Smosh.

Smosh has now grown into something bigger and better with multiple channels. The duo have now up there team to a whole crew and there’s even a Smosh movie. They do everything! Animations, sketches, music videos, games and have a live TV show.

It has just been announced that they are launching huge 11 new shows this Autumn. Digital studio Defy media have just banked $70 million. “We want to put that money to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible,” said Barry Blumberg, Defy Media chief content officer.

Defy currently produces 75 original weekly or biweekly series, with an audience of more than 70 million YouTube subscribers and 100 million social followers.

The new shows feature a cast in the same style as the Saturday Night Live crew.  The line-up will include a sketch comedy show called The Big What If based on hypothetical possibilities. There is also an animated series featuring Chris Pratt which animates classic Smosh routines. Gaming show based on minecraft and virtual reality will suit any gamers with a sense of humour. Smosh Lab is a show science where you can learn while you laugh.

“We really push people to do things they haven’t done before, to take advantage of resources they have access to,” Blumberg said.

The series will be available practically everywhere including YouTube, Sky TV, Spotify and Amazon Prime.

Watch their first live show below.





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