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WATCH: New LGBTQ series Take My Wife

Take My Wife is the hidden comedy gem of 2016.  Episode 1 at the end of this feature.

The show follows the fictionalised journey of real life married couple Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. This comedy power couple brilliantly break down the barriers of homophobia and sexism with comic genius.

Cameron explains it all here.

The half-hour, single-camera original series starts with Cameron as a successful comedian and Rhea new to the scene but too stubborn to accept her girlfriends help. It follows the couple as elements of their domestic life intersect with the underground stand-up showcase they co-host. Although it is the only show out there that is centered around two female characters that are comics and lesbians, it focuses on a lot more than that. It deals with important issues in the comedy scene, calling out the male fascination with rape and how its used so much for entertainment value.

Does this all sound too good to be true? There’s a catch. The series is only available exclusively at Seeso. Seeso works similar to Netflix as a web streaming channel but it is comedy-only. They’re part of NBC so you get access to all of the NBC Universal archives – SNL, Parks & Rec, The Office, Monty Python, etc. They also have a bunch of new stand-up specials and a ton of original programming which is where this show with Cameron falls into. It’s comedy-only web streaming channel.

We are women. We are queer women. We are being honest about our lives, and I believe there is a huge audience for this show,” Esposito said. “I also believe there is a really specific audience for this show. Who knows how it will turn out?

It might be 27 lesbians’ favorite show or a bunch of dudes might watch it, too…I don’t want to be on NBC and getting cancelled with this show. This is my life. I don’t want to be in a space where hateful people are confused about what this is. I want this to be a place where people know what they’re getting, want to be there and are excited about it.”

Seeso have released the first episode below to reel you in.




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