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TV NEWS: RTE’s Bridget & Eamonn move to the UK

BRIDGET & EAMON has become the first fully funded RTE comedy to move to the UK. Congrats!

The original six episode series written by Jason Butler, Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea was released last February. See our article here.

The show started off as a comedy sketch segment on RTE 2’s Republic of Telly but became so popular that it was commissioned into its own hilarious series. The show is set in the 1980s and is set around married couple, woeful Eamonn and his Woman’s Way wife Bridget.


While celebrating the news this weekend Jennifer said: “The great thing about Bridget & Eamon is that it’s not just an Irish thing – it’s the whole Eighties nostalgia thing everybody – whether you are English or American – can get. From the Dallas to Dynasty references. And it’s about family values gone absolutely wrong, and the most dysfunctional family, which people can relate to as well.”

The cast features Norma Sheahan, Eleanor Tiernan and Sharon Mannion as the Bridget’s neighbours; Colum McDonnell as Eamon’s mate Fierce Handy Frank and Edwin Sammon as the local parish priest.


RTÉ head of comedy Eddie Doyle said: “This is a real breakthrough for Irish comedy in Britain. Building on the success of Mrs Browns Boys, Bridget & Eamon shows how Irish writers, performers and producers can compete in one of the biggest, most creative comedy marketplaces in the world.”

Daniel Thomas, acquisitions executive for UKTV stated: “We’re very excited to bring Bridget and Eamon to British TV screens. The series is absolutely hilarious and is the perfect addition to Gold’s existing slate of high quality comedy. We’re sure our audience will love the witty one liners and brilliantly executed 80s nostalgia as much as RTÉ’s audience did in Ireland.”




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