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TV NEWS – Pat Shortt Gets Serious on TV3

Pat Shortt will be back on our TV screens next week September 1st starring in Smalltown a three part drama series by Gerard Barrett for Tv3. WATCH the funny stuff below but first for this new role the county Limerick based actor returns very much to his rural roots.

Smalltown tells the story of a farming family and their struggles with today’s rural Ireland. Pat plays a farmer with two sons and his wife is suffering from a serious illness.

“These kind of opportunities don’t come around too often,” he says “and the writing and character really reached out to me because it’s a world I know well, or at least think I know well. It was one of those things that I just couldn’t turn down.”


Pat’s  character in Smalltown is called Tom. Déjà vu? You might remember him playing Tom in Fr Ted in a stand out comic cameo in Series 1.

“My hope for Smalltown,” Shortt says, “was for people from small farms, or living in towns where there’s been no recovery, to be able to recognise their world, where every aspect of it feels utterly authentic to what they know.”

Barrett feels that having Shortt on board was crucial to the success of the series.

“Pat was the only person I ever wanted for that role. I think he recognised the world that I created. It’s his world, it’s where he comes from. This character, I think, is the closest he’s ever played, in my opinion, to where he comes from. He knows these people. He was phenomenal.”

Barrett is a 28 years old award winning writer/director with a great future.

“It’s a love letter to my parents,” Barrett says. “It’s a world that they know well, as do thousands of others like them. We showed ‘rough cuts’ to farmers and they could really empathise with the story and with Pat.”

Smalltown premieres on TV3 on Thursday, September 1st,  10pm.

We have a feeling that Pat Shortt’s new role will also be a little different to the ‘bog man’.

Shortt will also be starring in new upcoming comedy film about the 1916 Rising called The Flag.  “It’s the same crew that a film a few years back, Man About Dog, and that was a very funny movie. This is a similar type of energy….Robert Walpoole (Producer) and Treasure Films, they put the film together with me in mind, based on characters I’ve done in the past and they’ve put an amazing cast around it.” he says.

‘The Flag’ releases to Irish cinemas on Friday October 14th.




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