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TV News – Better Things – A comedy for women

Superstar comedian Louis C.K has teamed up with Emmy award King of The Hill actress Pamela Adlon to create a new TV comedy Better Things.

Aldon plays the lead role in this candid comedy about life as a single parent. The comedy is based in L.A where Sam Fox (Adlon) has three daughters. Each child has their own personality and contribute something unique to the show: the baby, the tomboy and the teenager.


Sam goes through the daily struggles of being a parent where she is the source of embarrassment for them every time she opens her mouth.

At one point her daughter coolly asks her Mom to buy her clean, organic pot. “You should want me to have good nugs!” Max whines. “Max, honey, can we just go back to regular hard things? Like school supplies?” Sam replies, adding, “These things are normal, but you should be ashamed of them.” Sam then has to plead her daughter to hide things from her from now on.

Sam’s Mother also lives across the road so this show covers women of every age! There is males characters through out but the show is ultimately about female power.




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