A giant inflatable chicken dressed as Trump has been doing the rounds of America. 

The 33-foot-tall chicken is dressed in black and white prison clothes with the label “Prisoner 45”. It set sail off the coast of San Francisco last Sunday. It was being transported on an “Alcatraz prison transport” and made stops to Fisherman’s Wharf, the Ferry Building, and McCovey Cove

The Trump Chicken first made an appearance at the San Francisco Tax March last April 2017.

The idea originally came from San Francisco writer Danelle Morton who said:

I wanted to fill a 60-foot Chicken Don with helium so my fellow protesters and I could march it down San Francisco’s Market Street on April 15, preceded by brass bands and followed by people in costume. […] The Trump chicken broke through my political gloom and did the same for many other involved in the march.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for the project. This Trump Chicken is one of the newest amongst many inflatable Trump appearances.

At the start of this month, a 20-foot Trump Baby was seen flying over London and Edinburgh during his visit to the UK.

Another fundraiser was launched to bring the blimp to Washington, D.C and flew outside the White House.

A 15-foot inflatable “Trump rat” also appeared in Washington in 2017.