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TRAILER: Comedy Thriller in Cork

If the success of The Young Offenders is anything to go by then Cork is the place to base your films.

Broer (Brother) is a Belgian film set in west Cork which being screened during the Cork Film Festival until November 20th.  The comedy thriller, directed by Geoffrey Enthoven is about Mark who impersonated his dead brother. While doing so he receives a message from one of his brother’s ex Grace and so he travels to Ireland to meet her.

Alison Doody (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) plays the role of Grace. 


Mark is egged on further to do this by his friend Ronnie who is hoping his Mark with get some of Grace’s fortune.

We wanted to have a really hapless duo who had to be funny together – those two going to Ireland to get a fortune – it’s impossible! But that’s just one side of the story,” said Enthoven.


Read about the success of The Young Offenders here. 



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