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Tommy Tiernans Inappropriate Alrene Foster Joke

Tommy Tiernan appeared on BBC radio during the week and it didn’t go down too well. 

The Irish comedian was taking part in a comic skit on Radio Foyle Mark Patterson show where he was mimicking Arlene Foster.

During the interview Tiernan said: “If she wasn’t in politics I can see her working single-handedly a tiny little farm in south Fermanagh driving cattle up some country lane.”

He played on the words Fenians and Friesians imitating Mrs Foster, he added: “Go on you pups, you feni** ba****ds ye, go up you fen***… “Friesian Arlene, they are called Friesian, Arlene. “I will call them what I want.”

Straight after the interview Mark Patterson stated “If anyone was offended by that I do humbly apologise but Tommy is I suppose that kind of talent in terms of what he does and the people who pay to see him do it,” he said.

The DUP man Campbell said: “In terms of humour and satire, I am fairly well known to be in favour of that as I engage in it quite a bit myself, so I would not ridicule someone else for using it. But the nature of some of the language appears to be excessive. His humour can be quite lively if it is delivered and taken in the spirit it is intended it to be, but some of that stuff (about Arlene Foster) appears to be, in terms if the language used anyway, almost deliberately provocative to try to engender some sort of outrage.” Mr Campbell added: “I hope people won’t rise to it in terms of him wanting a massive headline to try and sell more tickets. Hopefully people will have more sense and wiser counsel will prevail.”

The BBC also made a public apology where a spokesperson said: “The language used by our guest was clearly inappropriate. We unreservedly apologise for its use and any offence caused. This section of the programme has been removed for our catch up services.”

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