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Tommy Tiernan reported to police after Belfast Gig

Tommy Tiernan was reported to police over political jokes during Belfast comedy show.

Lat Sunday night comedian Tommy Tiernan performed his new stand-up show, Paddy Crazy Horse, at Belfast’s Ulster Hall.

It is not clear what the jokes were but we know they were political. DUP councillor Dale Pankhurt tweeted on Sunday night that he had “received numerous calls from Unionists who had to get up and leave the Tommy Tiernan concert (actor in Derry Girls) in the Ulster Hall due to comments made regarding contentious issues.”

“Understand some have asked for a PSNI investigation to be started,” he added.

The PSNI has confirmed to Independent.ie that a single complaint was made to police about Tiernan’s comments during the March 10 show but said that they did not constitute a criminal offence.

One fan wrote on Facebook, “Went to see the show last night at the Ulster hall.  Really disappointed in the political stuff. I didn’t think you done all that.  Only made bearable by the fact the sound system was awful and we could hardly hear. We left half way through.”

Another fan defended Tiernan stating that the comedian is know for getting “close to the bone” with his material.

“Who goes to a Tommy Tiernan gig with out realising that his humor is very close to the bone. A bit like going to a Wolfe Tone’ s concert and be offended at hearing a rebel song,” wrote one.

Another user added, “It’s well known that Tommy Tiernan likes to balance on the edge of what’s a bit too much. If you tend to get easily offended then don’t go see him. If offended then get up and leave and forget about it, not whinge and look to get the law involved.”

The Ulster Hall show on Sunday night was one of three sold-out shows in Belfast over the weekend.

Paddy Crazy Horse is billed as a show in which Tiernan ‘rants and raves’.

“He tries to be very silly and very serious at the same time,” reads the promotional blurb for the show.  “He mixes a love of comic rebellion and a refusal to be conscripted into a rational view of the world with a deep grá for talking and the poetry of everyday speech.

“Using high theatricality and lots of dirty words, this is a fast paced and exuberant celebration of everything that’s wild, wrong and wonderful about being alive right here, right now. It is by turns clever and then really stupid.”



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