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Tommy Tiernan Is Becoming A YouTuber?

Tommy Tiernan’s New YouTube & Social Media Channel

The time has come for Tommy Tiernan to finally embrace the internet. Having spent years under the arc-lights of the stage Tommy has finally given in to pressure from the 21st century and joined the rest of us in the dark world of the internet and opened his new YouTube channel

www.youtube.com/Tommedian & social media hub www.tommedian.com.


As someone with a combined following already of over quarter of a million without ever really making the effort to tweet or face-book, he is hoping to reach people in places that he might never get to tour again.

Tommedian.com has opened its virtual doors for business with the first of a collection of self-made videos ( Please note, these videos will not be available on DVD for Christmas ).

“Another platform and another type of content. The video pieces are supposed to be funny ( good luck with that)…The Badger Articles some of which were previously published in the Connaught Tribune are fictional sides from a wilder type of life. The essay pieces, both the written and the audio are more serious. I hope ye enjoy…… feel free to leave comments and subscribe. I’ll be putting up new stuff a few times a week and am hoping to live stream a stand up show from somewhere exotic like Offaly or Iceland in the not too distant future”. – Tommy







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