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This Kilkenny Man Is The Funniest Fecker In Ireland

The Vodafone Comedy Festival finished up last Sunday and they were looking for the funniest fecker in Ireland. 

To enter you had to make a video and the rules were:

  • It can be a video of you doing standup, telling a joke, doing a sketch, a prank, editing something in a funny way, whatever makes you laugh
  • It can’t be just something you just filmed that you thought was funny. It has to have your own creative flair to it
  • It’s got to be clean enough to show your Mammy, but maybe not your Granny


There was then a search and online vote to discover emerging comedy talent. The people who made it to the next round got the VIP treatment at the comedy festival.

At the festival, Mark Dargan was crowned the Funniest Fecker In Ireland. You might recognise this lad from his collaboration with Fupin Eejits and also some videos of his own.

The 26-year-old Kilkenny man was up against 5 others. He was presented with a brand-new iPhone X, as well as VIP treatment over the course of the Vodafone Comedy Festival weekend.





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