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The Ultimate Christmas List of Comedy Books

If you’re looking for a present for the comedy fan in your life than why not buy an Irish book?

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite comedy books which have come out this year just in time for Christmas!

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly – ‘Game of Throw-ins’

If you’re a fan the Ross O’Carroll-Kelly books this is the newest in the series. In this one Ross has decided return to Rugby insisting he was “the greatest Irish rugby player who no one in Ireland had ever actually heard of”.  If you can’t be arsed reading click on the link below to hear an extract from the book.

AUDIO – Ross O’Carroll-Kelly – ‘Game of Throw-ins’

You can buy the book HERE.

Colm O’Regan – Bolloxology

Have you ever wondered why pretentiousness, jargon, bullshit and having notions above our station are so rife in the world today? Well, there’s now a recognized science that studies all of these forms of self-delusion. Welcome to the world of Bolloxology. We might not know it, but the modern world has subjected all of us to some form of Bolloxology. It’s that moment when you’ve paid twenty euro for fish and chips just so it can be served on a piece of slate. It’s when you share yet another inspirational quote of the day against your better judgement. It’s when you realize you haven’t understood a word that politician has said to you on your doorstep, yet you feel strangely compelled to take a selfie with him. It’s about the passion, the ‘key learnings’, the artisan chutney, the instacelebs.


You can buy the book HERE.


David O’Doherty – School of Danger

This one is for the kids.. or if you’re into some light reading we won’t judge.  This is the third in the kids series ‘Danger is Everywhere’. Read more about the franchise below.

BOOK NEWS: David O’Doherty is getting more dangerous …

You can buy the book HERE.


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Amy Schumer – The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

The highly anticipated first book from award-winning comedian, writer, producer and actress, Amy Schumer. This book covers a range of topics from losing her virginity, diary entries from her teenage years, sexual assault and relationships.

NEW BOOK – Amy Schumer has a lower back tattoo!

You can buy the book HERE.

Roddy Doyle – Rover and The Big Fat Baby

We are thinking of the children here too and this is another one to put in their stockings. It’s the summer holidays and Rover is busy searching for poo. He works for The Gigglers, small furry creatures who make sure grown-ups are nice to their kids. If they aren’t, they get the Giggler Treatment – a smelly, squishy present on the end of their shoe, which is where Rover comes in. But Rover and his nephew Messi (who is actually very tidy) are distracted from their job by a Big Fat Baby (B.F.B) who’s fallen out of her Granny’s backpack.


You can buy the book HERE.

Jason Byrne – Adventures of a Wonky Eyed Boy

This is the Dublin comedians first book and it’s brilliant! It tells the tales of his childhood in the 70s and 80s as an accident prone wonky eyed youngster.

BOOK: Jason Byrne

You can buy the book HERE.

Alan Carr – Alanatomy

As the chatty man says himself “Grab your scalpel, peel back the skin and go deep, have a good old probe around at my life so far. Yes, you are going to find guts, a fair bit of cheek, maybe even a little bit of gristle, but hopefully, you’ll find a whole lot of heart.”

BOOK NEWS: Alanatomy

You can buy the book HERE.

Aoife Dooley – How To Be Massive

This book is for all the huns out there. Written and illustrated by Aoife Dooely aka Dublin Hun. You know your one Nikita? You’ve seen her around town: always within 100 metres of Penneys (where she likes to spend her ‘eurdos’), her hair done up in a ‘hun bun’, sporting her ‘masso’ runners and her eyebrows on fleek. In How to be Massive Nikita shares her illustrated guide to being massive.


You can buy the book HERE.



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