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WATCH – Best Irish Toy Show TV Moments

20 years after its debut The Late Late Toy Show is the most watched TV show on Irish Television.

This year’s show will be no different. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of some of our favourite moments throughout the years.

Fionn kicked off his rapping career on last year’s show.


When Pat Kenny and Jerry SeinFELD attempt to have a conversation!


When Domhnall was absolutely speechless meeting his hero!


Back in 1994 Boyzone made an appearance.


One thing us Irish need to learn. If there’s no craic going on just leave.


Sure you need the plastic bag for when your down in the rushes.


This was definitely our favourite entrance so far!

When Toby Met Girls Aloud!


This is just hypnotising.


How could we forget John Joe and his obsession with clocks?



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