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The Simpsons Are Going Nowhere Yet

The Simpsons has been renewed for another two seasons.

This will make up the 31st and 32nd season at Fox for the long running animated comedy.

And during season 32, the sitcom will air its 700th episode, with its total reaching 713 by the end of the season.

The Simpsons is officially the longest-running primetime scripted show in television history. It began in 1987 as a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, before becoming its own show in 1989.

Currently, the show has won 33 Emmy Awards, 34 Annie Awards, a 2016 People’s Choice Award and a 2016 Environmental Media Award. It was also the first animated series to win a Peabody Award and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for the theatrical short “The Longest Daycare.”



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