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With all the huha about the lack of opportunities for female writers in Irish theatre, Comedy Showhouse thought a special all girl comedy night was long overdue. So please welcome to the stage …


The Early Show 4PM. Sunday Jan 31st  – The Chat Show.

This special one off show features the best female comedy minds in Ireland today.

Award winning actress and Ireland’s No.1 stand up DEIRDRE O’KANE hosts a special ‘loose women’ chat format with

  • Star actress AMY HUBERMAN (The Stag (aka The Bachelor Weekend in the US) for Treasure Entertainment; Moone Boy for Sky One; Comedy Central (UK)‘s Threesome; IFTA winning RTE comedy sketch show Your Bad Self  for Treasure Films/RTE and also Channel 4’s Comedy Lab. In 2016 she features in Handsome Devil again for Treasure Films;
  • Comedy writer / broadcaster and playwright FIONA LOONEY (Callen Kicks; The Fast Show; Dandelion; Dustin The Movie) 
  • Film / TV producer / screenwriting tutor REBECCA O’FLANAGAN (The Stag; Handsome Devil; Yer Bad Self) – partner in Treasure Films & recently long listed for a Foreign Language Oscar for Paddy Breathnach’s Viva

What inspired them all to ‘get into’ comedy? What makes them laugh? Their influences? Favorite TV shows? Actors? Films and more. Plus tips and advice for all comedians, actors, writers and producers on the opportunities out there and the experiences / differences between Irish comedy and the business in the UK and the USA.

Expect great comedy banter, seated performances and some nostalgic pining for classic TV comedy – and if all goes to plan an entertaining Q & A.

And later at 8pm what about a party! A great big live party at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin hosted by a true star of Irish comedy DEIRDRE O’KANE!

To whet your appetite for one of Ireland’s true comedy stars watch Deirdre storm the Melbourne Comedy Festival HERE

And when Deirdre was looking for  special guests who better than Ireland’s favorite musical comedy tour de farce. THE NUALAS have been touring the world of comedy now since 1995 so this year Ireland’s most celebrated female trio are off on a massive 21st birthday tour and lucky for us are kicking it off at COMEDY SHOWHOUSE on Sunday January 31st. Nuala, Nuala & Nuala will offer their unique take on the harsh, yet glamorous reality of life, love, showbiz and womanhood in 2016.

See The Nualas perform their 2015 marriage equality video Yes 2 Love …

With Deirdre O’Kane performing her own comedy gold solo on the evening, our award winning host also introduces UK born Dublin-based MAXINE JONES who after touring all over Ireland and the UK over the last 3 years – including the Edinburgh Festival – has compiled the best of her previous shows into a one off comedy set exclusively for Comedy Showhouse. One of Ireland’s first ever divorcees, MAXINE JONES ‘SOUNDING OFF‘ is a very funny memoir that recalls her experiences first moving to Dublin; getting married; having 3 sons; embracing live comedy and now ’emigrating’ back to her home country after 25 years. Directly after her set on Comedy Showhouse Maxine is performing all over the UK including London (Feb 2nd/3rd) plus the Brighton (Feb 4th) and Leicester (Feb 6th) Comedy Festivals.

Listen to Maxine being interviewed about her late-bloomer comedy career on the legendary BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour HERE






To close the night THE NUALAS take to the Project stage with a special ‘greatest hits’ set packed into a dynamite 40 minutes. Be prepared to be shocked, pummelled and heart strings plucked by Ireland’s favourite all-girl music-comedy sexy-singing –sensations. THE NUALAS are the shining stars of sequin seeking an audience and together with Maxine Jones and Deirdre O’Kane will provide a night out to remember.


So get the gang together and book a night out for ‘SHE’S HAVING A LAUGH!’ starring Deirdre O’Kane, Maxine Jones & The Nualas. There are only 100 tickets on sale for the opening night of Ireland’s 1st ever radio comedy festival.






WARNING – With both Maxine Jones and The Nualas now added to the bill the tickets will sell out even faster. Book now at the project arts centre.

SUNDAY JANUARY 31st. Show starts at 8pm



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