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The GIF Is Over Thirty Years Old!

What was the first ever GIF? How is it pronounced and what are the most popular?

On June 15, 1987 the GIF was created by CompuServe developers as a way to compress images with minimal data loss. It stands for Graphical Interchange Format. Now thats the boring facts over with..

The GIF has become a tool to express how we feel. They can sometimes portray what we are trying to say or feel more than any words or emojis.

Below is the first ever GIF that was invented.

So how do you pronounce it?

This has been an ongoing debate for years now. Is it pronounced with a hard G or like jif? Well Steve Wilhite the creator of the GIF has resolved this for us once and for all. He received a Webby Award and you’re only allowed to give a five-word acceptance speech. He delivered this by by flashing a GIF on the big screens. This flashed “It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.”

Still even after the creator himself put this out there, people weren’t ready to settle this.

“Graphics Interchange Format. Graphics. Not Jraphics. #GIF #hardg,” wrote Web designer Dan Cederholm.
“So instead of GIF, we’ve got to say JIF? YEAH RIGHT,” chimed in October Jones, creator of the “Texts From Dog” Tumblr and book. “And I suppose those animals with long necks are called ‘JIRAFFES.'”

You may not remember it being around that long but it grew with the internet. It has has different uses through out the decades. Remeber MSN Messenger when you could change certain words to ‘cool’ flashy ones?


The dancing baby was the first GIF to become viral. It started off as a video in 1996 but was later developed into a GIF.

Here is some of our favourites below:





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