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Sylvanian Feckn Families

When you were younger if you had a big Sylvanian collection you were envied by all your friends and you knew it.

The houses and furniture were nicer than our own sure! The question is how far did your imagination go with how their lives were played out? We hope it wasn’t like this when your parents thought you were playing with them innocently on Christmas Day.

Here at Grintage we love a good parody twitter account that’s out there to take the piss. And now we give you @forest-fr1endsThis is a crude but brilliant account that stages the Sylvanian families in relatable or just hilarious situations! Have a look below at some of our favourites so far.

Check out the Parody account for the Great British Bake Off. 




The account was only set up in May and already has over 66 thousand followers!



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