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VIDEO: It’s Always Sunny’s Lethal Weapon 5

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew did what most people only dream of.

They made a sequel to one of there favourite movies Lethal Weapon. They followed the style of the fictional detectives Riggs and Murtaugh by going completely off the book with this sequel. Swapping characters mid movie and going ‘Black Face’ to play African American Danny Glover (Roger Murtaugh) is classic Sunny style but it wasn’t the most outrageous part that stood out from this short movie sequel.

Before you wacth the extended movie spoof below lets set out the very unusual scene of the hilarious Lethal Weapon 5…..Martin Riggs (Mac) goes into the office of his friend and partner Roger Murtaugh (Dennis Reynolds) with a cake to celebrate his retirement. The celebration is interrupted by their captain (Charlie Kelly) who tells them that someone else has died due to tainted tap water. When Murtaugh tells him that he’s retired, the captain informs him that the victim was Murtaugh’s wife.

Murtaugh tells Riggs “I just thought of my wish”, and blows out the candle on his cake……

They track down a hooker (Artemis Dubois). They handcuff her to the car and tell her that they have heard she may have information on who is poisoning the water supply. She refuses to talk at first, but after Riggs starts to gun the car forward with her still handcuffed to it, she talks, telling them that it was “some Indian guy” (feather, not dot) who “owns a bunch of casinos”. Despite offering to “suck [them] until I pass out”, they take off, dragging her behind them.

They go to see the Indian in question: Chief Lazarus (Frank Reynolds). His office overlooks a massive aquarium, where he shows off his pet shark as he eats a shark steak. He denies knowing anything about the tainted water supply, but Riggs points out that his tribe owns the water rights to half of LA.

Again, the Chief denies having anything to do with it, pointing out that he needs clean water too. He tells them that he has “pressing matters” to attend to, so they leave.

Watch below the bite sized Lethal Weapon 5 Extended version Movie – a sequel like you’ve never seen before!



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