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Spotlight On: Clisare

We’ve already told you about our love of Shifts so today we thought we’d let you know about another one of favourites: Clisare (aka Clare Cullen).

Clisare first hit the headlines when her video ‘Shite Irish Girls Say’ (see below) hit an incredible 1.5m views on YouTube! In it she broke down the traits, mannerisms and aphorisms of Irish women- there’s a good chance you’ll recognise someone you know in it (or maybe even yourself!). Massively popular with the Irish comedy community, she has since popped up in videos with the Epic News lads and more recently, Foil Arms & Hog. It’s easy to see why she has over 55,000 subscribers on YouTube alone!

We like Clare so much that we even hit the streets of Dublin with her to find out once and for all – What’s The Worst County in Ireland?

Already one of our favorite YouTube comedy trail blazers, we expect Clisare to be on a lot more screens in the future (and not just the one on your phone).

In the meantime, check out this playlist of some of her best videos:



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