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Spotlight on: Shifts

You’re in Skerries, you’re young, you’re funny, what do you do with your days?

 Well, if you’re part of the sketch group Shifts you make videos. Comedy videos. And lucky for them and us…they’re great! Whether they’re dealing with events from 1916 or imagining what it’s like to live with the Pope, Shifts have made videos that here at Grintage Ireland we know off by heart.  As more people find their videos and devour their back catalogue, they’ve appeared in more places making new things. They’ve pulled pranks on sportcasters on RTE as part of the show Foul Play, travelled to London Fashion Week as Guy Delaneyfor Her.ie and appeared in our favourite, the Eloquent Undesirables:

 So what’s next for the lads from Skerries? They’re making videos on the internet, will hopefully be appearing on TV again soon and can ALSO be found performing live at The Comedy Crunch.

 Until then? Well, maybe they’ll be making an appearance on this website sometime soon….




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