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SNL Member & Voice of Luigi dies at 62

Tony Rosato was an Italian-Canadian comedian, actor and voice actor.

He is one of the few to have appeared on both the Saturday Night Live and SCTV cast. On January 10th 2017 Tony passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 62. He first became known when he joined the cast of SCTV in its final season during 1980. Here he did impressions of comic figures like Ed Asner and Lou Costello. One of his most famous sketches is his impression of as drunken chef Marciello Sebastiani.


After working on this show he earned a spot on the SNL panel. He only worked for them for one season due to conflicts with NBC but still managed to get in some memorable sketches such as update on the Emergency Broadcast Network .

Rosato soon moved from the world of comedy sketches to voice overs, particularly those of video games. In this area he is probably most well known for becoming the voice of Luigi.






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