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SNL: Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan ‘What Is Love’

 The Roxbury Guys is a recurring sketch on USA’s iconic Saturday Night Live. It involves two brothers named Doug (Chris Kattan) and Steve (Will Ferrell).

The pair always dress up in rayon suits to go clubbing, where they would attempt to pick up some ladies in a similar Copper Face Jacks style! Their trademark was bobbing their heads in unison to the song “What Is Love” by Haddaway, which always played throughout the duration of each sketch. They were extremely unfortunate with the women at the clubs, often gyrating against them in an attempt to get them to dance, but always causing a negative reaction….Just another Saturday night for most single Irish men!

The sketches often featured a third member of the group, similar to the others in appearance and actions, performed by that week’s host, such as Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin and Sylvester Stallone whose character was usually credited as “Barhop!”

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