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TV DESIGN- The Secrets of Top US Sitcoms

Ever wondered how the homes of some of your favourite TV sitcoms were laid out?

Well here is a helicopter view of some of the most popular US shows – inc The Simpsons & Big Bang Theory. But first FRIENDS! To the left is Joey’s apartment and to the right is Monica’s amazing apartment which she inherited from her Granny. Otherwise she would never be able to afford it! The ? is Monica’s secret room where she stores all her mess!


The Big Bang Theory: On the left is Penny’s, usually messy, small apartment. Just like Friends, right across the hall is Sheldon and Leonard’s Nerd Pad.



The Simpsons: Below is 742 Evergreen Terrace (Popular Table Quiz Question). First drawing is the upstairs. This house has an en-suite master bedroom? 4 bedrooms? & downstairs 3 sitting rooms? Have The Simpsons more money than they are letting on?





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