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Sister Sketch YouTubers Get TV Show

The Australian comedy trio SketchShe have moved from YouTube to TV!

You may remember this video below they uploaded over two years ago. This is the video that started their rise to fame. They mime to various songs from older to newer with the appropriate outfits. The video has received almost 40 million views.

The comedy trio Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington and Madison Lloyd are sisters from Australia. Since their first upload they have regular uploads. Some similar to this carpool karaoke but also sketches and a web series. They describe themselves as SketchShe. Brazen, bold, audacious, and bringing you a mixed bag of characters and chaos! They share more than 887k subscribers on YouTube alone.

The models in their 20s will become regular fixtures in the new 10-part Fox8 series, The Slot. This is a comedy TV series where they will join other video acts such as Troy Kinne, Michael Cusack and Skitbox.

The show’s executive producer, Paul Walton told the publication viewers could expect something that was: ‘ Unhinged, unpolished but always entertaining.’

Foxtel’s director of production, Duane Hatherly, said the mix of personalities would: ‘Showcase a cast of top comedic talent who have more than a combined four billion views on YouTube, so we’re thrilled to be able to create and curate a mix of new content, along with some of the most popular and hilarious moments of their online work.’

They are no strangers to TV though. They have previously appeared on huge shows such as Ellen and Good Morning America. 

Follow them on Instagram & Twitter! @SketchShe
Shae-Lee @Shaeleeshack
Madison @Madisonlloyd
Lana @Lanakington



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