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Seeso The Comedy Streaming Service Is Shutting Down

Last year NBC launched a streaming service just for comedy.

For $3.99 a month Seeso subscribers could watch animated and live-action comedies. is now closing down. The company took to Facebook to announce the service would be shutting down. Read their post below.

The post is addressed to “SeeSo-ers”: “Though we will be departing, much of our comedy will live on — and some of your favorite Seeso Originals have already found a new home,” the post reads.

Recently SeeSo had been selling some of its original series including  HarmonQuest, My Brother, My Brother and Me, and Hidden America with Jonah RayThey sold it to  anime, sci-fi, and fantasy streaming service VRV.

As for the other original shows that are available on the service we are unsure what is going to happen to them.



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