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Russell Brand Talks Sinead O’Connor

Today’s Trews reacts to Sinead O’Connor’s recent Facebook video, in which she discussed her mental illness.

Irish singer and songwriter Sinead O’Connor recently posted a heart-wrenching video to Facebook. In the video, the 50-year-old  discusses her mental illness and sparked concern amongst its viewers. She spoke in detail about her illness.

In his latest Trews episode comedian, Russell Brand discusses the singers upsetting video. He urges his viewers to hope and pray for her.

Warning some upsetting content below.


 The comedian commented: “It’s interesting to look at this in the context of the career that Sinead O’Connor had. She was a very beautiful, searing person with the great gift of this voice, but always accompanied with a kind of intensity, the moments of controversy.

“Clearly she’s a person that’s been conflicted, and as we’ve said before: How could you not be conflicted in this world? There are so many conflicting messages.”

He added: “I’ve noticed a lot when dealing with people that have got self-declared mental issues, that they are seemingly quite sensitive and intuitive, a little bit raw. They’ve exposed a lot of their gift to the world, and I think it can be a hard thing to carry.”

He concluded: “I suppose ultimately we have to hope, pray in fact, that Sinead O’Connor gets better, and that the world gets better”.




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