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Comedy and Cars

Whether you’ve got your full licence or you’re still thumbing rides off of friends, you’ll still want to check out the traffic jam of car based comedy coming to RTÉ this year.

First up is Kevin McGahern’s Fast & Furious on RTÉ 2. In this program the host of Republic of Telly takes to car parks, city centres and small town roads to find out more about the people who love this risky hobby and see how it affects the rest of us.

But maybe you’re not ready for such high octane adventures yet. In which case we’d suggest checking out Fred Cooke’s new documentary Operation Transportation. In this series the star of The Fear gets behind the wheel for the first time. Will he pass his driving test?? Probably, or else just take it again.

Check out Fred talking to Neil Delamere here: http://www.todayfm.com/Fred-Cookes-Operation-Transportation

Finally, if you want one last thing to check out, why not track down the pilot for The Commute, starring such comedy people as Eric Lalor, Joanne McNally and Chris Tordoff. Broadcast in 2013 as a pilot, the show has yet to be fully commissioned but who knows what might be around the next corner, stop or t-intersection.



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