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Racists Against Redheads

A complaint was made against the RTE comedy Bridget & Eamon about being racist. 

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland received a complaint over a “racist” comment towards redheads.

Bridget & Eamon  are a typical unhappily married 80’s Irish couple (played by Jennifer Maguire & Bernard O’Shea). They live somewhere in the Midlands with their indeterminate number of children and their many vices most being verbal and emotional disdain for one another.


The complaint was lodged against an episode that was aired September 19th last year.

It was made made over a scene that involved character Bridget’s mum saying to Eamon, to go upstairs “with the lights off so I can’t tell that you’re ginger”.

The viewers stated that they found a comment made on the show ‘racist and demonstrates discrimination and prejudice against people with different hair colour’

The summary continued: “The complainant believes this type of content promotes the bullying and alienation of people with red hair.”

RTE did not agree that this remark was discriminatory.

The report stated: “The broadcaster regards this content as in keeping with the absurdist comic voice of the programme and it’s ironic lampooning of Irish life and culture and believes that audiences would clearly understand the nature of the point being made.”

The BAI agreed that it didn’t encourage discrimination against redheads.

The BAI said: “The Forum noted that people with red hair are not considered a separate ‘race’ or group in society that would require the protections of this principle in the Code [BAI Code of Broadcasting Standards].




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