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R.I.P Charlie Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie – also a comedian – passed away at the age of 57 after his battle with leukemia.

Charlie’s career started around the same time as his brother Eddie (both pictured) who rapidly emerged as one of America’s all time comedy performers – both live and on film. Charlie was also an accomplished actor, comedian and writer plus featured in a lot of his bro’s films in the 1980s and ’90s like Are We There Yet?, The Boondocks and Black Jesus.

His close friend Dave Chappelle who also introduced him to the comedy scene paid tribute to him – “Today I got some terrible news. My good friend Charlie Murphy passed away this morning, and everybody in comedy is heartbroken,”.  Murphy was a writer and starred in the popular Comedy Central series – Chappelle’s Show. 

Some of his A List celebrity friends took to twitter to offer their sympathies and celebrate his life.








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