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“Queer as Folk meets Cheers” Starring Panti Bliss

’Queer as Folk meets Cheers’ to centre on our very own Queen of Ireland.

real-life Irish performer Panti Bliss

Panti bliss

Playground Entertainment are developing a comedy-drama for Sky which they have described as “Queer as Folk meets Cheers”. The comedy is based on real life drag queen Panti Bliss. Real name Rory O’Neill is a gay rights activist that has been crowned ‘The Queen of Ireland”. Rory runs a gay bar in Dublin for over 10 years called PantiBar.

At the moment the show is going to be called PantiBar and will be set in the original bar. The Rory is co-writing the series with collaborator Phil McMahon and writer/director John Butler.

Playground head of drama and executive creative director Sophie Gardiner described the project as “a fantastically bold, bright, energised piece of work”.

“Panti Bliss is known as the Queen of Ireland because she was crucial in the campaign for marriage equality. She’s the most wonderful drag queen, is quite politically engaged and we came across her in a TED talk.”

PantiBar has yet to be greenlit but Gardiner said she was optimistic about its chances, adding that there was a lot of international interest in the production.

“It’s a really interesting and transgressive show about what drag means and what happens when you’re in a place where everyone feels liberated,” she said.

Playground optioned the rights to O’Neill’s memoir Panti: Woman in the Making earlier this year.




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