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Priest Complains Over ‘Late Late Show’

Kerry priest Fr Kevin McNamara (not him pictured) is not very happy with last weeks Late Late Show.

He has filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland over the way the Eucharist was discussed on the show saying they were “ridiculing of the Eucharist”. Discussing mass with Ryan Tubridy was ‘Blindboy Boatclub’ from comedy duo The Rubberbandits, former priest, Michael Harding and Stefanie Preissner, creator of Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. 

He expressed his upset in the Moyvane parish newsletter saying he was “hurt beyond words’ after hearing the host being called ‘haunted bread’. Fr McNamara said he felt it was time to call a halt to the “disrespect for religious belief and for those of us who respect religious beliefs.”

The piece in the newsletter went as follows:

“We live in an age where there is great emphasis on the need for clean air, clean water and a healthy environment, but how much attention do we give to fostering a clean soul, heart and mind?,  “On the Late Late Show of January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, there was a discussion in which the holy eucharist [holy communion] was referred to as ‘haunted bread’.

“During a discussion about whether religious practice long in decline, might be on the rise, comedian David Chambers, who performs as ‘Blindboy Boatclub’ in the comedy duo The Rubberbandits, said that young people attending midnight mass at Christmas were “not going there for haunted bread, but because it was a family event.

“Everyone at midnight mass is half-cut anyway”. “presenter Ryan Tubridy said he thought the phrase ‘haunted bread’ was a “great expression”.

“Mr Chambers said, ‘that’s what it is’, arguing that the Church ‘does not want us to use critical thinking’ and is ‘asking us to eat the ghost of a 2,000-year-old carpenter’”, Fr McNamara said.

“Isn’t it time we paid attention to creating a clean environment for soul, heart and mind? Fr McNamara has asked parishioners. “It hurt me beyond words to see the eucharist ridiculed on RTÉ’s so-called flagship chat show’.

We say – ‘ridicule’ is nothing compared to the REAL pain and hurt the Catholic Church has inflicted on 1000’s of young innocent & vulnerable people over the years. ‘Hurt beyond words‘ indeed!




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