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NEWS & VIDEO – Peep Show for the USA

Peep Show is the longest running comedy ever in the history of Channel 4 with a total of 9 seasons and was a firm favorite in Ireland. Now it is set for an American re-boot.

It is an A list cult favourite which aired from 2003 until 2015. The British Sitcom features two friends Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy “Jez” Usbourne (Robert Webb) who live in London and struggle to adjust to the professional world.

Starz channel in the US have now begun a US remake of the show. The writers of the original show Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain will be brought on at consulting producers but this new series will be produced and written by Eli Jorne. 

“We are hugely relieved to hand over the responsibility of coming up with the dark and twisted thoughts of two terrible men to the extremely funny, dark and twisted Eli Jorne,”  stated Bain and Armstrong.

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It hasn’t been stated whether the adaption will incorporate the originals first person point of view style but it will be based on two dysfunctional  friends and their twisted thoughts.

Here is some of our favourite scenes from the original show.

When Jez pulls a little Christmas joke.

Mark begins to realise there’s something not quite right about his new friend…

The moment has come for Jez to talk at the book club meeting

Will the Peep Show achieve the same US success as the popular UK show The Office – a mokumentary style comedy which was later remade to adapt to American audiences.

Let’s hope Peep Show US has the same success… or maybe Mark Corrigan feels differently.

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