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From Star Trek to Country Music?


TV & Film star – plus Shakespearean theatre actor – PATRICK STEWART has just appeared in a bewildering YouTube video performing classic country songs dressed head-to-toe in cowboy attire. This is something Irish comedians are expected to do!!

In a Twitter announcement the so-called premier London cowboy singer – who is renowned for STAR TREK – refers to himself as Cowboy Pat to wish the “mighty fine country” of America a happy independence day.

On the retro-esque site it claims volumes one and two of Cowboy Classics are sold out although there is a five-song sampler for you to buy and all proceeds go to the International Rescue Committee. The global humanitarian aid organisation vows to help the crisis-affected families in Europe, the Middle East, and else around the world.

So its turns out the charismatic enigma actor was actually just raising awareness and funds for those in need – Congrats Cowboy Pat.It all seems quite strange.

Here’s the video.  



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