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VIDEO: Rio 2016 Paralympic Games & Last Leg’s Adam Hills

During the 2012 Paralympics, Aussie comedian Adam Hills presented a nightly comedy show called The Last Leg. It is now one of Channel 4 most loved shows. At the time UK paper The Guardian reported

‘Disability and comedy have rarely succeeded on TV together.  And it is not as if there isn’t an increasingly large number of comics with disabilities – Francesca Martinez, Laurence Clark, Lee Ridley, Steve Day – working on really great stuff on the (UK comedy) circuit. But still, I wonder if a Paralympics comedy show is appropriate – doesn’t it send the message that it is a kind of novelty sideshow to the “real” Olympics?

“I think it is appropriate because [it can be] funny, and most Paralympians think it is,” says Hills, who was born without a right foot and wears a prosthesis. “They joke about it. It’s funny to walk into a room full of disabled people.” He explains that he went to the closing night party at the Beijing Paralympics, which he was covering for Australian television. “You’ve got a guy in a wheelchair snogging a girl with dwarfism, you’ve got a blind guy chatting up a girl with cerebral palsy. It’s funny – not as in mocking or going, ‘These people look ridiculous’ – it’s joyous funny, something to be celebrated. With comedy and disability people go, ‘Ooh, where’s the line?’ There is no line – if you’re celebrating, then you won’t say the wrong thing. As long as it comes from the place of going ‘This is great’. And it is, it’s an amazing sporting event.

Have a watch and you’ll be as excited as we are about the upcoming 2016 Games in September. Channel 4 provide the clips.

The trailers below comes with some Paralympic extras – an audio-described version voiced by Adam Hills, and a signed and subtitled one with a difference. Aussie Adam is a brilliant stand-up who once made Ireland his home – at the end of the promos see him perform live in Dublin.

But first the official 2016 promo ……

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 13.46.14SUPERHUMAN STORIES: ALVIN LAW

Meet some of the stars of the ‘We’re The Superhumans’ trailer, including drumming sensation Alvin Law.

Alvin’s adoptive parents told him there was no such thing as can’t. A gifted musician, he can do more with his feet than most can with their hands. Find out more about Alvin and stars from the trailer in Superhuman Stories on All 4 now.



Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 13.47.32SUPERHUMAN STORIES: TRACK & FIELD

Some of the biggest names in Paralympic sport discuss what it means to be Superhuman. In a behind-the-scenes film, top GB Paralympic athletes, including David Weir, Hannah Cockroft, Richard Whitehead and Libby Clegg talk about taking part in ‘We’re The Superhumans’ and what the word ‘disability’ means to them.




Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 13.47.45SUPERHUMAN STORIES: G MONEY

Alex Brooker learns the meaning of pain as he takes on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter G Money – one of the stars of our new Rio 2016 Paralympics trailer. Facing a cease-and-desist order to stop him fighting, G Money – born with Down’s Syndrome – fought back. Backed by 125,000 online signatures, he completed his first MMA bout in August 2014



Taken from Grintage Irelands exclusive comedy vault and Live from the Liffey Laugh live at Dublin’s Vicar Street venue watch Adam Hill talking about the Irish phrase ‘your man’ .

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