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Online Comedy: Irish Mini Series Long Dark Twenties

Broad City and Curb Your Enthusiasm put in a juicer and poured over Dublin. A comedy-drama about two best friends who suck at life.

Long Dark Twenties is new comedy mini-series created by three writer/performers from Dublin, Kelly Shatter, Luke Benson and Kevin Handy.

Lily and Ben have been drifting along aimlessly. Now in their late twenties, they’re seeing their peers getting hitched, promoted, buying houses, and having babies, while they’re stuck working unfulfilling jobs to fund forgettable weekends. Can they find their way through the Long Dark Twenties?




Benson and Shatter met at improv classes and there they met their writer Kevin.

They set up a Kickstarter to help them with season 2. You can donate to their campaign here.

They have said the following on the site: Kelly, Luke and Kevin here. As the writers and creators of Long Dark Twenties, we’re so proud our first season, and particularly with the heartwarming response, it received from viewers. You made worthwhile all the blood (figurative) and sweat (literal) we put into it,and inspired us to explore more tales of Dublin misadventures.

Now with Season 2, we want to push Lily and Ben even further into the realms of the absurd and the uncomfortable, better reflecting our own messy, funny lives. We want to bring you an Irish comedy show that you too can be proud of.

Season 2 promises to be bigger, better and bolder as Lily and Ben return to face trial by romance, career, MURDER, and worse still, Dublin traffic.

We begin where the last season left off. Ben lost the marketing job he only pretended to know how to do. Now he pretends he still has it, while slumming it as a barista in Dublin’s thousandth cafe.



Lily’s looking to secure a permanent teaching position, and ideally a permanent boyfriend, while her frenemy of a mum counts down her dwindling opportunities. Over five episodes we track the ups and downs, but mostly downs, of our two hapless heroes.

Last season the three of us funded it as best we could out of our own moth-eaten pockets, but now we have an exciting team behind us, and we want to elevate the production value to the next level.

We’ve got five ambitious scripts on our hands that deserve a bigger production. We’ve been lucky to build a great team including a Director, Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Production Designer, Sound, Lighting and a Producer.


Season 2 was filmed acorss 8 days in January and December. It will be released on May 7th.

All episode of ‘Long Dark Twenties’ can be found here.