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A tribute to one of the ‘nicest guys’ on TV….Sir RAMSEY BOLTON?!

Warning: Do not proceed unless you’ve seen season 6, episode 9 of Game of Thrones.

A carefree lover, genuine friend, affectionate brother and a loving son… Ramsay Bolton was all of that and so much more – according to this beautiful tribute, at least.

The former Lord of Winterfell’s dramatic end was slightly eclipsed by the incredible technical feat that was “Battle of the Bastards”, so if you haven’t found the time to mourn properly yet, this video is here to help.

With a musical background as sweet as Ramsay’s soul, we’re taken through a rather sketchy rendering of the Warden of the North’s best character traits. Whether in love, friendship and family affairs, we could always count on dear Ramsay. TV’s best villain will be sorely missed.

But never fear, Iwan Rheon fans: the actor will be returning to our screens soon to play… non other than Adolf Hitler!!! Role of a life time.



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