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Is NextUp the Netflix of Comedy?

Netflix do a good job of adding some stand up specials but NextUp goes one better!

If you are a comedy fan watch out for NextUp. This new site has got the grintage bug as it intends to focus on comedy alone. It will bring you the best of UK & Irish comedy from up and coming comedians to the big names we know and love. To drop some names you can expect the likes of Richard Herring, Simon Munnery, Stewart Lee, Miles Jupp, Luisa Omielan and Sean Hughes. You can also watch some of your favourite acts from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival like Alfie Brown, Colin Hoult, Tim Renkow and Lou Sanders.

Co-founder Sarah Henley said: ‘We found it exceptionally sad that we would come to the Edinburgh Fringe every year and see incredible, lovingly crafted shows, which would maybe tour, but then disappear completely, with only a small handful of comics getting DVD deals. We personally know hundreds of people who would have loved to have seen those shows but couldn’t make it up to the Fringe or don’t live in the towns the tours visit, and our research tells us there are many thousands more who feel the same.’


One of the best things about this site is that it really supports the comedians. Where Netflix either makes the content itself or licences the content, NextUp will split the revenue 50/50 with the comedian. They will get paid for every view they receive. It will also provide information on the comedians upcoming gigs, provide them free rehearsal space in London and give you access to the comedians older works!

‘NextUp will support comic talent and share comedians’ extraordinary work with a worldwide audience of stand-up comedy fans,’ added Henley .’With our production arm they’ll be able to resurrect their favourite retired shows, or record their new ones as well as gain new fans from existing recordings. Audiences may be brought in by their favourite one or two big names but we hope they will quickly be encouraged to discover the breadth of great comedy the industry has to offer.’

You can use this service on the web, iPhone, Android, Roku and Chromecast. Videos can be streamed on demand or downloaded and viewed offline.

You get the first month free and then for less than half the price of Netflix, NextUp is only £3.50 a month. Same price as a bag of chips after a night out!

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