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NEWS: US Comic scores $60m Netflix Deal!

Last week Dave Chappelle hosted the first post-election Saturday Night Live. This week he has signed a deal with Netflix.

Watch above as Chappelle readies to take out some of his most infamous comedy characters such as Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon! 

It’s been countless years since Dave had his famous ‘melt down’ and bailed on a 50 million dollars for 2 season of Chapelle show contract and instead opting to throw it all away and go to Africa instead to discover his roots!


The comedian will supply 3 shows for Netflix in 2017. This will mark the first shows he has done for TV in 12 years. The last was Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth on Showtime.

“Dave Chappelle is a legendary voice in comedy — searing, vital, and now more than ever, essential,” said Netflix VP of original documentary and comedy Lisa Nishimura “Dave’s three new specials promise to be some of the most anticipated events in comedy.”

Chappelle will be making $20 million per episode which totals to a whopping $60 million in total!

If your unfamiliar with Dave Chappelles’s 50 million dollar contact negotiations which followed dave absconding to Africa instead and opting to ‘hide out’ without telling anyone…We got the video for you! Interviewed by the Queen of day time TV Opera Winfrey!




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