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NEWS: Simon Cowell making a TV Comedy

TV reality giant Simon Cowell is producing a TV comedy with writer / director Diablo Cody about synchronised swimming for his company SYCO.

I don’t think we need to tell you who Simon Cowell is (X-Factor / Got Talent judge, music entrepreneur etc – just in case) but if Diablo Cody doesn’t ring any bells you may recognise her works such as Juno, Jennifer’s Body and Paradise. Ian Brennan, co-creator of Scream Queens and Glee is also helping her write the pilot. All 3 pictured.

With this varied team we are really interested to see what they create for Fox comedy in the US. So far the show is untitled but we do know that it is single-camera and is about Olympic synchronised swimmer star Marian Lolo who has 26 medals, one restraining order and no friends. The clip here is merely an excuse to show synch swimmers – like comedy the key is timing …




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